Tuesday, March 26, 2013

See this cute girl -
she's my big sister, Penny.

She's about 5 hours
older than me.

We've both recently
got our first 
"big girl" haircuts.

 Penny recently had her 
"big girl" surgery
so that she won't accidentally
have any puppies.
Her parents are being really responsible
and helping to keep
unwanted puppies 
out of the shelters.

If your peeps aren't ready
to have an 
unwanted litter of puppies,
you need to come see 
The Carroll Vet Clinic -
they can help you with that. 
Even though there aren't
too many days left in March,
they are having a special
on spaying and neutering
for the month of March.

You can call them

Your Roving Reporter,

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